Professional Services - Project Management and Software Development

Developing Java Enterprise Systems for major companies of the financial industry and other sectors is our traditional business. We offer the development of turn-key solutions as well as project management and development services within our customer's project teams.

Our team covers the range of technologies from the client side (rich Java Swing clients and web based clients) to the J2EE application servers (BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere) and Oracle database systems. We are versatile in broad set of open source tools and technologies.

Education - Seminars, Lectures and Workshops

Finance Online offers seminars, lectures and workshops for your continuing education. This includes topics from the most recent developments in finance and statistics. Special emphasis is put on rapid software development systems using the R/Rmetrics environment.

R2Enterprise - From Rapid Model Prototyping to Enterprise Production Systems

The quantitative analysis of statistical data and the development of methodologies to work with this information during the day to day business is of major importance for many organizations. However, there is a gap to cross to turn the results of the quantitative analysts into production systems on enterprise level available for the end users. Very often, the software written and the know-how gathered during the research has to be transferred to a group of software developers which will re-implement it, e.g., for an Java Enterprise application architecture. While this has been done often successfully it is evident that there are a number of risks associated with this process.

A process with a well defined method to maximize the re-use of the quantitative analysts' software assets in the production systems and the development of an supporting software architecture is the goal of this initiative of Finance Online. We are focussing on the language S for statistical analysis and the open source implementation R and their integration into the Java EE architecture.

Research & Development - Cooperations with ETH Zurich and Industry Partners

Finance Online was founded as an spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich where the senior partner of Finance Online, PD Dr. Diethelm W├╝rtz, is active as a researcher and teacher at the Institute for Theoretical Physics. His software package Rmetrics received a strong interest of the research community and from industry.

As a parallel initiative to R2Enterprise Finance Online supports Master and PhD projects at ETH to strengthen the bonds between research in statistics and the development of systems for statistical analysis in finance and insurance. Research topics include modern statistical methods, like Robust Statistics, Extreme Value Theory, Copulae, Pricing and Hedging of financial Instruments, Modern Portfolio Theory, Risk Management, among others.

Interested parties of the banking and insurance industry are invited to contribute to these projects by, for example, providing research topics of their interest or mentoring to ensure the relevance of the research for their practical application.